MAC Dental Membership Plan

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Here at MAC Dental, we invite everyone and every tooth to be a part of our extended family. Our number one goal is to see you smile. We understand that not all of our family members will have coverage for dental care. But we also believe that those without insurance deserve good oral health too. That’s why we’re introducing MAC Dental’s Membership Plan. Our welcome extends further with our membership package – allowing those without insurance to obtain a healthy and brilliant smile that is fit for all your special occasions.

Here’s the Breakdown of Our Annual Plan:

Who is this plan for: This plan is for patients who do not have any dental insurance.

Why did we create it: Because there is a need for those that don’t have insurance to obtain dental care.

So How Does this Work?

●       Patients of MAC Dental can sign up anytime throughout the year (this includes new patients!)

●       This is an annual plan. Plan begins the date the plan is paid for, and ends one year later.

●       Fee is due in full at registration and is non-refundable as well as not transferable.

●       Take home products are not included in the plan.

●       Discounts will only be applied if services are paid in full at the time of service.

●       Use it or lose it! No exceptions!

●       Plan cannot be used with insurance.

●       Care Credit cannot be used to pay for the plan membership fee. It can be used for payment towards other services but will result in reduction of discount to 5%.

●       This plan is only good at MAC Dental. If you are referred out to a specialist, this will not apply at any other office.

Cost of Plans:

Adult – Age 14 and older – $399/year

Child – Age 13 and younger – $329/year

What is Included in the Plan?

●       2 Periodic exams

●       2 cleanings (prophylaxis OR periodontal maintenance) Additional cleanings get a 15% discount

●       2 fluoride treatments

●       Bitewing x-rays

●       2 Oral Cancer screenings

●       A discount of 25% on a full mouth set of x-rays (FMX) or a panoramic x-ray (PAN)

●       A discount of 15% on all other procedures

We would be happy to further discuss our Membership Plan. Please call either of our offices for additional information!

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